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Bringing architecture designs to life with Virtual Reality!

Edifice innovates by bringing Virtual Reality for the visualization of  the architectural designs. Using special software each study comes to life, giving you the opportunity to wander within your project!
We create images, videos and interactive experiences with photorealistic effects, giving vibrancy and motion to the visuals!

Innovative Virtual Reality technology can be implemented in projects:

  • Interior Design: Just imagine your space and get in touch with every detail, from the original idea to every detail.
  • Architecture: The spaces, shapes, materials and lights come to life in your architectural design.
  • 3D Layouts: We create 3D layouts for interiors and furniture.

Study and design of water parks based on innovation, reliability and quality.

In partnership with the leading company Polin Waterparks, we offer a variety of services including planning and development, site planning and licensing.

In particular we commit to the design and design of large size parks, interior space and packages for hotel / resorts.

As exclusive partners with Bureau Veritas, the worldwide leader in certification services, we undertake the process of issuing a hotel and rented furnished rooms – apartments classification certificate in star and key categories, respectively.

Advisory and inspection services for the ISO 9001 Quality Management System standard, the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System standard and the ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System standard (HACCP).


Additionally we offer you many other services such as:

  • Recommendations for vertical and horizontal properties (notarial use).
  • Budgets of projects and for rebuilding and completion of existing ones.
  • Information on Building Regulation issues.
  • Drafting of IKA tables on wages of all types.
  • Photorealism.
  • Buying a property (always with a lawyer’s and a notary’s agreement).
  • Advisory and inspection services for the ISO 9001 Quality Management System standard and the ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System standard (HACCP).

Performing inspections of structural adequacy of existing building structures using non-destructive concrete tests and pulse armature detection system.

Digital Rebound Test Hammer
Proceq Silverschmidt

It can be used on concrete, rock, softer materials and brickwork.

The concrete test hammer constitutes a method of estimating the in situ compressive strength of concrete. In this method, a calibrated hammer (impact meter) is applied to the surface of the concrete. The magnitude of the bounce of the hammer is measured and is directly related to the manufacturer’s data to determine the strength of the concrete. This method is also used to determine the strength of concrete of existing structures.

The impacts are an indirect, non-destructive method for determining the quality and strength of concrete, and it is recommended to always be applied in conjunction with other methods such as concrete sampling, ultrasonography, etc. to produce safe conclusions.

Rebar detection, concrete cover and diameter size measurement
Proceq Profometer 630 AI

More specifically: 

  • The position and orientation of the reinforcing bars are determined.
  • The measurement is carried out at a certain depth and is capable of giving us details of the concrete coating.
  • The diameter of the rebars is determined.
  • With the use of appropriate software, it is possible to quickly transfer and process the data on a PC.

With the Profometer 630 Al rebar locator, the following elements are determined by non-destructive methods and by millimeter precision:

a) If there is reinforcement or not in the mass of the concrete. This is particularly useful in case of concrete sampling and in case of interventions in the construction without the risk of injury of the reinforcements.

b) The depth at which the reinforcement bar is located, a parameter related to concrete strength and corrosion of the reinforcement, is calculated.

c) The axes and the orientation of the bars and their diameter are identified.

d) Any magnetic objects are detected in the mass of the concrete.

The two-dimensional display shows both the concrete reinforcement and the values of the reinforcement overlay.

All data can be transferred to a PC for value storing and further statistical processing.

We are here to meet your needs!