About Us


The original foundation was made in 1983 by Georgios Asmargiannakis (Civil Engineer) and Maria Avramidis (Architect Engineer) under the name “Asmagiannakis Georgios” Technical Office. In 2017, our company was renamed “Edifice”.


Edifice is an independent brand based on the principles of its founding members with the main aim of meeting the needs of its customers, always seeking uniqueness. Our main belief is that we can change people’s lives for the better, through a well-structured environment. We help our clients meet their biggest challenges, using our technical skills combined with the latest technological achievements.


Nowdays, our team consists of 10 people, as our agency has expanded and developed over the years. We are based in Heraklion, Greece. We are Edifice. 

Asmargiannakis Georgios
Civil Engineer M.Sc.
Asmargiannakis Petros
Electrical & Computer Engineer M.Sc.
Avramidi Maria
Architeture Engineer
Kargakis Stefanos
Civil Engineer
Monica Altamar-Yuri
International Business and Economics, MBA